Bitrise API Questions

Hey, thanks for providing an API to interact with our bitrise builds. We want to create bitrise apps with a default configuration with that API, but we are running into some issues. Hope you can help us:

  1. we call /apps/register to register a new app -> seems working - response is status “ok” with a slug
  2. we call /register-ssh-key -> 504 without additional description
  3. we call /bitrise.yml -> response “format_version: 1.0.0”
  4. we call finish -> 504 without addition description

additional information about the requests

ad 2) i add text of private and public key to request. is_register_key_into_provider_service is set to false

ad 3) i add content of our default bitrise.yml to app_config_datastore_yaml parameter

ad 4) i dont know exactly what values i should set for stack_id and config parameter

Is there any additional documentation how to setup android and ios apps via bitrise API?

Thanks a lot for your time

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is there any chance to get some help on this topics?

Thanks a lot

Hi @mgursch!

Sorry about the delay Can you post here an example of the call you’re making?

here some examples i tried

    “is_public”: false,
    “type”: “git”,
    “provider”: “github”,
    “repo_url”: "",
    “git_repo_slug”: “app-br-android-demo”,
    “git_owner”: “mgursch”

    “auth_ssh_private_key”: “SOME PRIVATE KEY”,
    “auth_ssh_public_key”: “SOME PUBLIC KEY”,
    “is_register_key_into_provider_service”: false

    “app_config_datastore_yaml”: "—
    format_version: ‘8’
    project_type: android

    “project_type”: “android”,
    “stack_id”: “android”, //DONT KNOW WHAT STACK ID I SHOULD USE
    “config”: “default-android-config”,
    “mode”: “manual”,
    “envs”: {

    “organization_slug”: “MY_ORG_SLUG”

Hi @mgursch!

Sorry about the delay. So all in all we’d suggest trying again because we aren’t seeing any problems here (you can find out about stack IDs here: and 5xx errors might imply something unrelated to us or a momentarily problem.

hey @bitce , thanks for your response - i found some issues and im now able to create a new project.

there is another question:
The created project is always connected to my account (mgursch), but i want to create the project for my organisation.
So I call POST slug/finish with the correct organisation_slug but its not changing the owner of the newly created project.

Is there something im missing about this?

Hi there @mgursch!

If you would like to transfer your project to an organisation, it should look something like this:

curl -X POST -H ‘Authorization: ACCESS-TOKEN’ ‘’ -d
“organization_slug”:"INSERT_ORG_SLUG HERE"}’

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks that works.

unfortunatelly the swagger doc is not up2date. there is no “organization_slug”.
would be nice to fix it


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Hey @mgursch!

You’re right, the doc needed a fix, so we updated it in order to reflect the current workflow:

Next time you check it out, it should be up-to-date :wink:

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