Cannot finish to register an app via the api


I am trying to register an app via the api. It was working fine until yesterday.

Since Yesterday I cannot finish the registration. when I send a request to, I get a 400 http error with this message {“error_msg”:“Failed to save project”}

The body is as follow:
“project_type”: “android”,
“stack_id”: “linux-docker-android”,
“config”: “default-android-config”,
“mode”: “manual”,
“envs”: {
“MODULE”: “app”
“organization_slug”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXX”

I am not sure why I getting this error now. If anybody has an idea or knows the reason that would be great.

Thank you for your help in advance!


Are you still getting a 400 error? If so, can you please open developer tools and see if there is additional information provided as to the cause of the 400 error?


Hi Cathy,

Thank you for your reply. I am still getting the 400 error with the same error message. No, there is no additional information I am afraid.

We tried to create an app with two different tokens created from two different accounts but we get the exact same error.

The thing that I find very odd is that the post requests to “” and “” work fine.


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