Screenshots on Ionic Build & Deploy to iTunes Connect / Google Play


I am a little clueless on the how to invoke the fastlane snapshot command in bit-rise. How can I automate the screenshots to be taken in every build and the entire data submitted to iTunes connect and thereby Testlfight ?

I searched a lot but could find no suitable tutorial. Help Appreciated

Hello there!

Well I guess you need to run your UI test, to start up an emulator properly please see this:

and then just run your fastlane lane on it. :upside_down_face: and don’t forget to copy/move the screenshots to the proper folder for future cases, for example $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR so you will be able to check them on the apps and artifacts tab.

How do you do it locally?

Usually it’s just a fastlane command you run - and that should be the same on bitrise, using e.g. the fastlane step ( ). But it depends how you do it locally - as that’s what you want to specify on bitrise too :slight_smile:

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