Releaseman - Streamlined release and changelog creation tool


From the README:

What this tool does:

  1. Generates changelog releaseman create-changelog
  2. Release new version releaseman create-release
  3. Generates changelog and release new version releaseman create

What this tool doesn’t do:

  1. Does not push into your git repository, so you can roll back all the changes

Gettings Started


If you’re a Go developer / if you have a GOPATH prepared and GOPATH/bin in your PATH:

go get -u


  1. Download the latest release from
  2. Save it into a directory which is in your PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin)
  3. chmod +x /path/to/releaseman
  4. Test that you can run releaseman with: releaseman --version


To initialize releaseman for your project:

  1. In your Terminal / Command Line cd into your project’s directory
  2. Run: releaseman init and follow the guide
  3. Once you finish with the init you can tweak your release_config.yml (generated by releaseman init),
    and when you’re happy with it git commit it into your repository

Create a release

Once you have your release_config.yml in your repository, creating a release is as simple as:

  1. releaseman create for an automatic version bump
    • or releaseman create --bump-version="minor" to bump the “minor” version number
    • or releaseman create --version X.X.X to create the version X.X.X
  2. (optional) check if everything’s OK / looks good, and if it does …
  3. git push
  4. git push origin : the.tag.version e.g. git push origin : 1.0.1

That’s all, you just released a new version, with an auto created CHANGELOG!