Intermediate release of Bitrise CLI tools

This is an intermediate release of Bitrise CLI tools. Our Offline Workflow Editor is close to the first beta release, but it required a couple of minor, tooling related changes in the CLI.

To prepare the first distribution version of the New Workflow Editor, we did a few minor updates in bitrise-cli and stepman, to improve tooling support. This Bitrise CLI release does not include any change related to running builds.

Our plan is to release the first beta of the new Workflow Editor “v2” as soon as possible, and to include the first non beta version of it in the next Bitrise CLI version, as a new core plugin.

New version of Bitrise CLI (1.5.3)

  • use envman & stepman throught bitrise-cli

bitrise-cli manages its envman and stepman dependencies internally, but you may want to use stepman or envman direct.

From now on you can use bitrise envman to access envman commands or bitrise stepman to stepman’s.

For example, to print all the registered StepLib sources, you can run:

bitrise stepman collections

To see all available commands of stepman, you can run bitrise stepman. Similarly for all the available envman commands run bitrise envman.

Additional minor changes in the CLI:

  • bitrise validate now warns you if your trigger item would trigger a utility workflow

  • stepman min version bumped to: 0.9.27

New version of stepman (0.9.27)

  • stepman collections command now prints the collection’s spec.json path as well:
$ stepman collections
  spec_path: $HOME/.stepman/step_collections/1485356810/spec/spec.json

This update allows the Workflow Editor to use the local steplib spec through stepman, which also means that it will be able to support custom step lib sources!