Public apps can now use code signing info in their PR builds

Build real device builds directly in PRs now even for public Apps

Public app devs rejoice! Now build and test on REAL devices, straight from your PRs. :zap:

Faster iteration, smoother collaboration: Generate signed builds (IPAs, APKs, etc.) within your pull requests. Bye-bye manual signing headaches!

Ready to go real?

  1. Head to App Settings > Code Signing
  2. Click “Expose” (but remember, with caution!)
  3. Watch the video guide for step-by-step instructions

Important: Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

  • Protect your secrets: Keep code-signing files and other sensitive info safe. Don’t accidentally expose them in your PRs!
  • Double-check: Enable manual approval for PR builds. An extra layer of safety never hurts.

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