Send build to external testers via email and register android device

Hi ,

I have a react native project and i need the below two things to be done :

  • Send build both android and ios to external testers via email once pull requests gets run
  • Register android devices. I could see only for ios. I would like to register android devices as well.

Hi @VivekNeel!

You have multiple options to distribute your builds to testers, you do not have the option to specifically tie this to pull request events, but you could configure a trigger to run a workflow that does this on pull requests. The pre-built solution is our Deploy to step, which creates a public install page for your IPA/APK that you can forward to any address.

As for your second question, the option to register iOS test devices is there because it’s necessary because you wouldn’t be able to install artifacts on your device due to Apple’s restrictions, but the same isn’t true for Android. Can you let us know why would you like to register such devices or what do you want to accomplish by it?

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