Changes to Bitrise Insights pricing: Tiered and free pricing packages

Exciting news! You can continue to enjoy the free trial of Insights until the end of April! As we are updating our pricing soon, we wanted to give you a heads up and make sure you stay in the loop. Here’s what you need to know.

Starting in May, if you’re using Bitrise Insights, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee based on the number of monthly builds and tests you run. If you run 500 monthly builds or less, you’ll enjoy free pricing, which will be bundled with 100 000 monthly tests.

For users with more than 500 monthly builds or 100 000 monthly tests, there will be a tiered pricing structure. As an estimate, you’ll be charged $5 for every 100 builds above the 500 monthly build mark. Your pricing tier will be set based on the number of monthly builds and tests you require, and you’ll be charged based on a 100:100 000 build and test ratio. The good news is that tests are bundled with builds, thus they’ll come at no additional charge.

It’s worth noting that our competitors charge separately for builds and tests, and have a higher dollar amount for monthly builds with less functionality.

Once you’re subscribed to a pricing tier, your monthly build and test number will be set. If you go above this threshold, you’ll have to upgrade your subscription, but we’ve done extensive benchmarking to ensure that this is unlikely. Anomaly cases could occur, or thresholds be exceeded like when your mobile teams grow and with it the monthly number of builds and tests.

We’re always striving to provide the best value for our customers, which is why we’d love to hear your feedback! Please let us know in the comment section below. Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming tiered pricing packages announcement, and automatic tier recommendations once logged in to Bitrise Insights.

We hope this clears things up and that you’ll continue to enjoy using Bitrise Insights!


  • Builds are defined as the workflow runs analyzed by Bitrise Insights
  • Tests are defined as test cases analyzed by Bitrise Insights.