Pricing question - build time

Pro plan pricing description says 45+ min / build and Unlimited builds / month.
Free says 10 min / build (without +) and 200 builds per month.
My account (currently on Pro trial) says 2700 seconds (=45 minutes) / 1000 builds / month.
What ‘+’ means on Pro?
Why ‘Pro trial’ have finite number instead of Unlimited?(some kind of abuse limitation for trials?)?

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Hi @intari,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

I agree, this is not explained enough (actually I believe a hover popup is missing from the 45+ text). So this is how it works right now:

  • For 1 concurrency you get 45 mins
  • For 2 you get 60 mins
  • For 3 you get 75 mins
  • And for 4 and above you get 90 mins

Automatically/by default. That said, if you have a subscription and you need a bit of build time adjustment/bump feel free to ping us through email or the onsite chat and we’ll sort it out! :wink:

Yes, mainly against system abuse. We tried to set those numbers high enough that it shouldn’t be an issue during the trial, but the same thing applies, if you need some adjustment just let us know through email / the onsite chat!