Promote existing Beta to App Store review

Right now we have a workflow called production_deploy. This workflow takes some arguments and runs a fastlane that runs Deliver. How this differs from “Deploy from iTunes Connect” is that it doesn’t upload a new build. It promotes an existing, already upload build (that was being used as a beta) and submits it for App Review.

I’m wondering if there is an already existing Step or recommended way of handling this.


Hello @mcmurrym-pluralsight :wave:

Currently we don not have that option for our Deploy for iTunes Connect step, nor do we have a specific step that differs in this regard, but you can submit a feature request for this here: Feature Requests - Bitrise Discussions

Or in case you have some ideas on how this could be done, you can actually create your own step for it: Developing a new Step | Bitrise DevCenter

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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