Disable auto submit to review on deploy-to-itunesconnect-deliver

My workflow has a step where we upload the files to iTunes Connect and enable Testflight beta testing.

Recently the Bitrise build started to fail because it is trying to submit the build for review.

➡️  Deliver: [en-US]: You must detail what's new in this version in English (U.S.).
    https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane/issues/7016 [closed] 4 💬
    14 Mar 2017
➡️  Default relase note not used.
    https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane/issues/9327 [closed] 11 💬
    4 weeks ago
➡️  Fastlane is not utilizing my Deliverfile while uploading w/ deliver
    https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane/issues/6345 [closed] 5 💬
    08 Jan 2017
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[!] The request could not be completed because:
	[en-US]: You must detail whats new in this version in English (U.S.).
Deploy failed, error: exit status 1

How can I tell the step to NOT submit the app for review?

I had a similar question - can I have it submit the binary to iTunes so that it can be selected when updating the app store entry and submitting an update instead of having it actually try to publish it for review?

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I’d suggest you to try the Shenzhen version of the Deploy to iTunes Connect / TestFlight … step

That one uses the Xcode built in tools so it should not break and should not change how it works.

The deliver based one is subject to the changes the fastlane guys do, probably the fastest is if you contact them with an issue like this through their GitHub issue tracker: https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane

Note: you can see the exact fastlane command the step runs in the step’s log, and that’s all what the step does, it just runs that command (which is created based on your inputs).

Of course if you can find what changed / which flag in deliver just let us know and we’ll update the step! We’ll try to check it ASAP too, but it’s probably faster to just ask from the fastlane guys.

One more thing, if you can please include the whole step log or send us the build’s bitrise.io URL through email or the onsite chat (on bitrise.io). Without the step’s full log it’s quite hard to tell anything useful as the parameters/configuration/fastlane command is not included in your log snippet.

Hey @hearst and @rpeters-pdem!

If I see correctly, the step has the input: Submit for TestFlight External Testing? which turns the --submit_for_review flag on and off for the fastlane deliver command.

I think the name Submit for TestFlight External Testing? is mismatching with the functionality, however should solve your issue if it is set to no.

Could you please try to set it to no and check if it is working as expected? If yes, I will rename the input accordingly!


My problem was that some builds should be sent to review and some not, but all of them should go to Testflight.
I ended up writing a script that decides if the build would be submitted or not based on the branch name, builds from the release branch goes to review while all the others dont.
I agree that the name is not helpful at all, they should split in two options: one for Testflight external testing and one for App Release review

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That’s a great solution @hearst! :slight_smile:

Just to mention an alternative option, you could use separate workflows for these use cases, and then configure the Trigger Map to auto select the right one, based on the branch name.