IOS Deployment to Itunes Connect/TestFlight Group

Is there a way to have a workflow step deploy my IOS IPA to a TestFlight/Itunes Connect Group?

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We already have it deploying to Itunes Connect/TestFlight, but we have created groups like Alpha/Beta and need builds to be deployed to those groups.

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Hi @zacheryt757,

Thanks for asking this here! :slight_smile:

It’s not supported by the related step (I guess you use the Deploy to iTunes Connect / TestFlight (with Deliver) step).

I’d suggest you to create a #feature-request, to bump the priority and to have a central place for tracking the progress / notifying when it’s ready.

FWIW, Fastlane offers this with their pilot action and it’d be easy to integrate whether or not you use Faslane for the rest of your build process. You can specify it using the groups parameter or the PILOT_GROUPS ENV variable. Something like:

      ipa: path_to_ipa,
      groups: ["Alpha", "Beta"]
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Sure, it’s definitely possible - if you have the time feel free to send a PR for the step, or create a #feature-request (for tracking and prioritizing).