Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (2)
Do not cancel builds on same branch if another workflow is triggered (10)
Manual build configuration for new app (expert mode) (2)
Filter jobs by type (Open / Private) (2)
Dotnet 2.1.300 (3)
Different themes (or at least a more muted one) / dark theme (6)
Add triggers based on Github PR labels (10)
Rolling builds shouldn't report failure (7)
Don't build PRs from forks (3)
Add "Hobby Plus" pricing tier (20)
Show current sub workflow and step (5)
Allow usage of custom keychain files (2)
Next/Back button to navigate build steps (1)
Is it possible to limit builds for project (1)
Jira integration that allows to change the ticket status (2)
Allow to upload app icon (10)
Set a different email for notifications per app (or per team) (1)
Use bitrise-cli to build a mobile app like heroku does / A Terminal / Command Line interface for bitrise.io, to manage your apps on bitrise.io right from your terminal / command line (8)
Please remember last selected context (3)
Define environment variables for Bitrise Start Build step (4)
Programmatically install trust certificates on simulators for iOS 10.3+ (6)
Improve search (1)
Expose run_if in Workflow editor (10)
Artifacts: Make it possible to view HTML files with relative links (CSS etc. refs) (20)
Public index page for open source builds (2)
Getting a list of last outgoing webhooks sent (5)
Github checks (4)
[Website] Ability to bookmark builds URL with branch / workflow filters (2)
Create Danger build step (2)
Add Microsoft Team (Slack alternative) incoming webhook support (trigger a build from there) (1)