Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (2)
Build fail reason to an $ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE (2)
An App Center step that will only upload the APK without trigerring the tests (3)
Bitrise Public API to create/manage apps (9)
Slack step: allow multiple recipients (1)
Favorite app list on Bitrise dashboard (2)
Retry mechanism on tasks (4)
Provide macOS 10.14 (Mojave) stack (17)
Filter pull request web-hooks from Github using labels (2)
Support automatic version upgrades (2)
Report "Passed" to Github for a selective build that has no action (4)
Treat xcode-analyze step warnings as errors (2)
Check if last build failed/status changed (e.g. only Slack notify if build failed or fixed) (11)
Evaluate `run_if` before launching step (4)
Static Public install page, so that QA can always download the apk of the latest build from the same location (6)
Build / Release templates - specify inputs the user have to provide before starting the build (11)
Python 3 - add feature - auto installed (1)
Add a build completed request to the Bitrise API (7)
Make person who triggered a manual build available in an ENV variable (7)
App Store API - submit for Beta review (Testflight) (2)
Allow hiding workflow from Start Build screen (5)
Allow for bitrise.yml step's is_skippable attribute to accept a dynamic value (3)
Create a new app via Bitrise CLI (2)
Bitrise Step to Deploy iOS and Android apps to Test Objects (2)
Option to Auto Retry/Rebuild When Build Fails (5)
Send payload data in Outgoing Webhook (2)
Mercurial support (5)
Gitlab: merge request meta data change triggers bitrise builds (8)
Mono Repository support for other git services (3)
Expose run_if in Workflow editor (11)