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Skip Auto Builds after using the wizard (1)
Fix url to download apps (2)
Support for uploading APK's as drafts in Google Play (2)
Send status updates to hosted GitLab instances ( 2 ) (25)
Configure what shows on the public download page (2)
Artifacts: Make it possible to view HTML files with relative links (CSS etc. refs) ( 2 ) (22)
Analytics on concurrency usage (2)
An App Center step that will only upload the APK without trigerring the tests (2)
Allow build logs to be public / public (or publicly viewable) apps (13)
Rolling Build on Pull Request branch only (3)
Github Triggers on Branch creation (5)
Google Chat integration (3)
Full Log attached to [Build Error] email (2)
Support for Custom Headers in Outgoing Webhooks (4)
Stride integration (3)
[BETA] Virtual Device Testing for Android - Custom ADB Script Option (1)
Bitrise Public API to create/manage apps (6)
We need an option to set floating build numbers (2)
Show the current workflow step on the build summaries page (2)
Bulk stop builds (2)
Owner Id as parameter for organizational structure builds (3)
Build and Queue Timeline (2)
Add search filter for artifacts (2)
Windows stack support (12)
Add more filtering/sorting and customizability options to Dashboard/Project list page (16)
Display selected Account/Organization when Add new app (3)
Can you guys add dropdown with the list of all the apps currently added (11)
Sauce Labs Integration #step (9)
Add priority into build queue (1)