Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (2)
Keyboard shortcuts with a "list/help" overview popup in Workflow Editor (2)
Email alerts only to the developer that broke the build (6)
Define environment variables for Bitrise Start Build step (8)
Artifacts: Make it possible to view HTML files with relative links (CSS etc. refs) ( 2 ) (23)
Specify a set of deeplinks for Android virtual device testing (1)
Add support for Discord (3)
Schedule builds: every 2 weeks, monthly, or hourly! (5)
Would be nice if there is an easy way to cancel all pending builds (4)
Modify "show bitrise.yml" to allow comparison with the .yml for any build (3)
Solution for convoluted Service Key JSON issue in Deploy to Google Play step (6)
Share/Repository of Workflows (3)
Report "Passed" to Github for a selective build that has no action (2)
Status badges per workflow (4)
Clone existing app job (16)
Utility worfklow accept arguments (1)
Static Public install page, so that QA can always download the apk of the latest build from the same location (5)
Configure what shows on the public download page (4)
Org-level secrets and env vars (3)
Display selected Account/Organization when Add new app (6)
Fix url to download apps (4)
Appium tests with Virtual Device Testing (3)
Sauce Labs Integration #step (11)
Test name display on UI test (Android) (4)
Granular workflow permissions (10)
Use connected Apple Developer account in workflow steps (4)
Adding a field to failed builds to store custom message (3)
Environment variable for git URL from GitHub webhook (in addition to the existing GIT_REPOSITORY_URL one) (4)
Share global environment variables and files / Organization level environment (and secret) variables (11)
Allow build logs to be public / public (or publicly viewable) apps (14)