Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (2)
Expose run_if in Workflow editor (11)
Option to Auto Retry/Rebuild When Build Fails (1)
Top-level red/green status configuration (2)
Branch deeplinking (2)
Connect multiple Apple Developer accounts (20)
Add more filtering/sorting and customizability options to Dashboard/Project list page (17)
GitHub checks / GitHub App (9)
Pull Request support for AzureDevOps (VSTS) (5)
Use Apple's "Application Specific Password" feature for connecting Apple Developer Accounts (4)
Deploy to iTunes Connect should use connected Apple accounts (6)
Group triggered workflows into on one "build" (4)
Create a Github App (4)
Parallel Builds: trigger multiple workflows (builds) at the same time - build stages - fan-out fan-in support ( 2 ) (30)
Approval action step in build where we want the pipeline execution to stop so that someone with the required Access can approve or reject the action (2)
Add support for custom cmake version not available via sdkmanager - Android, Install Missing Android Tools step (2)
Show message from job in the notification mail (4)
iOS Testing: Add the ability to atomically add a testers UDID as part of the public download page's installation steps (5)
API: Add paging to builds log endpoint (2)
Group Apps in an organisation (3)
Manually run workflow for PR (2)
Gitlab: merge request meta data change triggers bitrise builds (5)
Maven repo publishing (2)
Build author name as Environment Variable (2)
Android: Virtual Device Testing on multiple modules (5)
Collect code coverage during virtual Android device testing (5)
Ignore merge commits in generate changelog step (2)
Preinstall gradle on the hybrid osx-vs4mac-stable stack (4)
Provide macOS 10.14 (Mojave) stack (3)
Build-workflows API lists unaccessible worflows (5)