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Workflow step release notes (1)
iOS Testing: Add the ability to atomically add a testers UDID as part of the public download page's installation steps (3)
Allow a workflow to schedule another workflow (2)
Use Apple's "Application Specific Password" feature for connecting Apple Developer Accounts (2)
Enforce 2fa (two factor authentication) within organisation (7)
Reflect app enabled/disabled status in apps list on the dashboard (2)
Pull Request support for AzureDevOps (VSTS) (2)
Install app landing page non-generic app icon (2)
Android Instant App Deploy (2)
Build and Queue Timeline (3)
Disable build notifications via user profile toggle (8)
Use connected Apple Developer account in workflow steps (5)
Branch name suggestion feature (4)
Abort task from dashboard (3)
Trigger map v2 - restructuring (3)
Add an abort button in the app's build items & dashboard build items (4)
API to programmatically generate a token (3)
API for Outgoing Webhooks (3)
Tell me how much more money to give you (2)
Increase the number of Generic File Storage files allowed (5)
Allow multiple android VDT step invocations (3)
Negation In Triggers (or official no-op workflow) (4)
Include latest git commit message in build message (2)
Submodule support for selective builds (2)
Option to show only failing tests in test report (2)
Step to ZIP a directory and then export the path as an environment variable (3)
Clone existing app job (17)
Add Triggers for PR Comments (4)
Github Test Suites (2)