Project.pbxproj not found in cordova ios app

i am creating cordova ios app.

In xcode archive step it gives an error that :
"ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/Users/vagrant/git/mob_app/platforms/ios/App_Name.xcworkspace/project.pbxproj’ "
No ios nor android platform’s output dir exist
No output generated

and i don’t understand why it search for project.pbxproj in App_Name.xcworkspace folder it suppose to search in App_Name.xcodeproj folder.

Build url :

Thanks in advance

Hi @mihir!

Based on the fact that this didn’t happen in the original error you posted, I suspect it’s due to the modifications you make but it’s hard to tell what the contents of these scripts are. Have you seen this: yet? There seems to be a number of config isssues, you won’t be able to use the Xcode Archive step with a Cordova-based project for instance.

Hello @bitce sir!

Actually i solved this issue some days back and successfully run app in testing device, and yes i already seen this doc but somehow cordova-archive was not return .ipa file and as per our requirements i wanted to do so many customization in my app so, somehow i managed to get .ipa file using xcode-archive file in this project.

Thank you for reply, and also thank you for this awesome tool/site.

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