Problems with code signing


I have an Ionic-project and I want it to be compiled and signed so I get an .ipa-file. The last time I tried this I didn’t get it to work either but I learned that I needed a non xcode managed profile.

So I tried making one. I went to the developer portal and made new copies of everything and uploaded them without toughing Xcode in the process. I still got the same error so I have to ask, what am I doing wrong?

Here is the latest build:

Best regards

Hi @kungnattis,
Could you ping us via the chat on our website so we can discuss the issue in details? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there,
To post also post the steps that were needed to solve the issue:

  • The development profile was also uploaded
  • Generate Cordova build configuration step’s inputs were updated:
    • package_type input set to app-store
    • configuration input updated to release

Thanks for your cooperation in this @kungnattis! :wink:
Happy Building! :muscle::rocket:

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