Pixel tracking in latest urgent info mail, marked as spam


Hi guys,

thanks for the great product, the setup for a CI/CD-pipeline for our Cordova-project was easy to do and worked like a charm.

My issue relates to the latest changes Apple made to their API-management for Connect-access, which lead to incompatibilities with the workflow. Therefore Bitrise sent out an urgent info-mail describing an immediate update devs may have to make.

The problem I have is that I would’ve never received this mail due to two 1x1 pixel trackers hidden at the end in your HTML, which lead my spambot to filter the mail out. if a colleague of mine hadn’t told me about the mail, I’ve never had known.

So please, don’t use stupid tracking pixels in urgent mails that are not for marketing, but preventing potential confusion and damage.



Hi @flaming-codes!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, this is request is fair. For context, I believe this is happening because of the service used to send out these mails (which is the same used for both marketing and technical updates such as this) but we are looking into how to avoid doing this as we speak.


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