Problem with verification of email during registration


Hi so we created a new account in BitRise and we need to establish a pipeline for our teams that deal with Android development. So we created an account and after entering relevant information we are directed to a email verification page. We hit a snag during this phase because there is some configuration on our email setup that prevents outsiders from emailing (our bad really), so we didn’t receive the verification email. We already got that sorted out and got email from outside flooding in. Now, we closed that email verification page in our browser after registration and there is nowhere in the website that allows us to resend the email confirmation after registration. NONE. So our email account is stuck being not verified.

Can BitRise support team keep in touch with me on this matter? We just need to verify our email so we can complete the registration. There is no way we can resend the verification email after registration because there is NO option in your website to resend email outside registration steps. Your registration process is a bit lousy and punishing especially the email verification part. It seems us to its just an after thought.

Please reply ASAP as this is affecting our milestones and we are considering other service at this point.



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