Pixel 3 emulator for "[BETA] Virtual Device Testing for Android" and "AVD Manager"

I would like to know how to set up the Pixel 3 emulator (SDK 28 or SDK 29) on Bitwise server for Android instrumentation testing.

I’m using “[BETA] Virtual Device Testing for Android” component using the Pixel 2 emulator (SDK 28) for testing. I need to use Pixel 3 emulator in Bitrise server for some reasons. So when I checked the list of test devices in the component, it appears that the Pixel 3 emulator is not supported.

In addition, I also tried using the AVD Manager component to set up the Pixel 3 emulator. To set up Pixel 3 emulator through the AVD manager, I first brought the device list supported by AVD manager. But I can’t find a Pixel 3 emulator in the device list, so I’m still not using a Pixel 3 emulator in the Bitrise server.

Please tell me how to set Pixel 3 emulator for Android instrumentation testing on Bitrise server.

Hi there!

Unfortunately Pixel 3 is not available in the Firebase Test Lab as a virtual device (where the Virtual Device Testing step launching your tests) nor is it a pre-installed emulator on any of our environments.

Can you check out this gist guide on how to create emulators? :slight_smile: You’d have to install it manually as of now.