Android emulator starts with wrong display resolution

Hi everyone!

I am currently trying to run appium tests for UI testing. For starting up the android emulator i use the built-in AVD Manager, but for some reason the display resolution is always 240x432 (pixel_3a for example) therefore tests are not stable because elements are truncated. I found out that many properties are missing in emulator.ini so i tried to add them by myself before i fire up my test but with no success.


Locally on my machine (MacOS) it works fine.
Do you know how to start up the emulator with the correct config or to adapt it?

Thank you!

Hi @aaa-tester,

Just to clarify, are you using the AVD Manager step of Bitrise to launch the emulator?

Also, could you enable support access for the app? It would make troubleshooting faster.


Hi @oliver.falvai!

Thanks for your response!

Yes i am using the AVD Manager Step.
I just enabled support access for the app.


The emulator is launched with the -no-window flag by default (for performance reasons). Can you try launching the emulator without this flag to see what happens? You can look up the exact command in the build logs, then use a script step to run the same command, but without -no-window.

Let me know if this helps!

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