AVD Manager Device List

Hi, I was looking thought the list of devices available and was wondering if it’s possible to emulate anything newer than google pixel XL.

Hi @poojanOTR,

Thank you for reaching out.

Bitrise workers are essentially Linux or MacOS machines so anything you can do on a Linux or Mac, you can do here through the use of your bitrise.yml. I am not personally very familiar with Android but I’d recommend taking a look at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43816737/how-to-create-an-android-avd-for-pixel-device-from-command-line to get started.

If you know how to do this locally, follow-up with those instructions/commands/etc and I will help you adapt them to what you need to do on Bitrise.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

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Please try the previous mentioned setups and/or follow-up with additional questions. If no response is received within 5 days, I will be closing the topic. Thanks!