Parsing error when installing the apk

i have successfully added a xamarin android app but when i download and install the app, it’s showing a parsing error. I’ve tried to set my android phone’s security setting to allow unsecured apps but still im getting the same error. Have you guys experienced the same issue?

Hi @jeffrey.valeroso,

The android debug.keystore is missing from the Xamarin machines, because it’s not created by Xamarin during its setup, nor by the official Xamarin command line tools during a build. That’s why your apk is not signed at all (if your workflow does not contain any step which would sign/resign your apk). You have to provide the signing file (be it a debug or a release keystore file) for Xamarin Android projects.

If this is the source of your issue, you can fix it, by adding a Sign APK step, see more on the devcenter.

Alternatively you can upload a debug.keystore into Generic File Storage to, and using the File Downloader step save it to $HOME/.local/share/Mono for Android/debug.keystore - this is the path where Xamarin is looking for the debug keystore file by default.

More information about Android code signing on our DevCenter:

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