Parameterized builds

Description of the feature request

Add the ability to have builds take one or more parameters. These parameters would need to be specified when starting a build.

There could be multiple type of parameters:

  • String parameters, that would be exposed to the build as environment variables
  • File parameters, that would be copied to a predefined path in the VM

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Mobile development for some of our apps are outsourced to outside contractors that provide us with prebuilt IPA and APK packages. We need to resign these apps before uploading them to the app stores.

For some of our internal apps, we also need to use a tool provided by our Mobile Device Management vendor to “wrap” mobile applications.

We would like to use Bitrise to automate this resigning or wrapping process, so that we are able to simply select a file, click “Send” and let Bitrise do the rest.

This would be similar to what Jenkins allows with its Parameterized builds plugin:

Hi @thomasmontagne,

Parameterized builds are already possible via our Build Trigger API:

Custom parameters can be shared as Environment Variable parameters:

Is this what you meant or a UI option?

Closing as parameterized builds are available via the Build Trigger API (:point_up:).

For pre-defined parameterized (UI) Templates please vote & comment at: Build / Release templates - specify inputs the user have to provide before starting the build

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