Define environment variables for Bitrise Start Build step

For the Bitrise Start Build step, there doesn’t appear to be a way to pass through environment variables, is this correct?

I can see this can be done with the Build Trigger API, however I don’t know if we can use that in conjunction with the Bitrise Wait for Build step?

Use case:
We’re splitting some work across concurrent builds, and to define what each ‘child’ build should do, and where to place its artefacts, we need to be able to pass context from the parent. The parent then needs to be aware of the completion success/failure of all the children to consolidate artefacts and overall success/failure.

Awesome idea @asos-petergoldsmith! Did you want to create this as a #feature-request? Should I move it there?

Yup, it certainly is a feature request then if it isn’t currently possible.

Got it! Moved it into #feature-request - feel free to vote on it here :wink:

I’ll also ping the tooling team with this, see if they can add it to their sprint or something - or feel free to send a PR into the step, all of our steps are open source! :wink:

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Hi @asos-petergoldsmith !

We have released a new version (0.11.1) of the “Bitrise Start Build” step.
It will be available today.

With the new version, you can share envs between the triggered workflows.

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I re-opened this thread as it seems the auto-close did carry with it from the #question-answer category and was actually closed automatically by the system… Sorry for the inconvenience @asos-petergoldsmith