Request: Build with Parameters "Custom Environment Variables" should suggest available env variables to override on UI

Description of the feature request

When manually launching a build, (Jenkins equivalent build with parameters), it would be incredibly helpful if our available env vars to override were auto-populated in the UI.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

See this screenshot for a use-case of why this is so powerful with Appium tests.

For example, on Jenkins we have the ability here to manually override these default parameters. The key and value are autopopulated when we select “build with parameters” and then we can go in and edit this text to:

  1. Run only a specific amount of tests
  2. Run against different devices/OS levels
  3. Run against different apk/app on saucelabs
  4. Change concurrency for these tests
  5. Run against release builds

All of this is easily possible by manually overriding env vars via the UI.

It seems this is only possible on Bitrise with the API or curl – is this true?

Thanks for the #feature-request @mark.han! It’s a great idea, please don’t forget to vote for it!

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