Open STF and Android UITest


I try to run my Android ui test with Open STF in Bitrise, but it not working.

In my workflow, I get the git clone, I build with Gradle Runner step (with assembleAndroidTest task)
Then I connect to my Open STF serveur, all are ok, the step return all the devices serial number connected.
Now I run the test with Gradle Unit Test step with the connectedCheck task but it not working… the step fail with “ No connected devices!” error.

I’ve try to specified the serial number device to run test with Gradle but not working again…
Someone have an idea ?


I’ve encountered similar issue. It looks like Bitrise VMs have strange network configuration which breaks data transfer over vpn connections.
Not 100% if it is the same case though.
It is reported via on-site chat and currently investigated by Bitrise.
Maybe @ahvth-bitrise can tell something more.

Thanks for the answer,

No news ?

I haven’t received any new info from @ahvth-bitrise yet.

Ok thanks ^^

According to the latest known news it seems that networking configuration on Linux stacks is broken.
Workaround is to use macOS stacks. At least in my case of hanging transfer it works.
Waiting for follow-up from Bitrise team.

Ok thanks it’s a good news. I hope the Bitrise Team will repear the Linux stacks

@tamaspapik could you tell infra team to follow-up here in this topic instead of private e-mail? So @BISSERIER will get notified automatically.

@BISSERIER are you using a VPN? We’re currently working on troubleshooting the original issue that @koral reported, but we have unfortunately been able to reproduce it so far.

Yes, I use a VPN

Understood. Unfortunately, all I can say in this case is that we are actively investigating, but haven’t been able to reproduce the issue so far. @BISSERIER you can send me a DM here with your VPN config and I can forward it to the task owner. @koral the team doesn’t really have the bandwidth right now to actively monitor communications on a public channel, but I sent you an e-mail to follow up on this. We will have the task open as long as the issue persists, and we appreciate your patience.

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