"No profiles for were found" when using Fastlane build_app

Bitrise Build Issue Report template

I’m setting up a new iOS project and I have provisioning issues (surprise surprise)

Description of the issue

The build succeeds but the archive fails with

 exportArchive: No profiles for 'x.y.z' were found
  • I’m using the Certificate and profile installer step before the build

  • I did import my profiles and certificates using codesigndoc. The AppStore certificate and profile for co.prometheusai.Prometheus do appear correctly in the Code Signing tab

  • When I use the Bitrise Xcode Archive & Export for iOS step, the archive succeeeds!

  • When I use a Fastlane step, the archive fails.

The Fastlane works locally and is

desc "Builds the app for to TestFlight Live"
lane :distribution_build_testflight_live do
    configuration: "live",
    workspace: Constants::XCWORKSPACE, 
    scheme: Constants::SCHEME)

I could of course the Xcode Archive & Export for iOS on the CI but I’d prefer to stick with Fastlane so that I can build locally as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Build log

In this build, both steps are present, The first one succeeds, the second fails

What seems to work is the use an explicit profile name in the Fastlane:

    configuration: "live",
    workspace: Constants::XCWORKSPACE, 
    scheme: Constants::SCHEME,
    export_method: "app-store",
    export_options: {
      provisioningProfiles: {
        "x.y.z" => "My AppStore Profile for x.y.z"


Have you configured Fastlane Match?

Thank you,


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