Xcodebuild command can't find Fastlane Match installed certificate

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Description of the issue

We have a workflow uses Fastlane Match to download the required certificate and profile for creating an archive of our app. Unfortunately the xcodebuild command fails saying it can’t find the previously installed certificate.

No signing certificate "iOS Distribution" found: No "iOS Distribution" signing certificate matching team ID "THMZRMRZ9S" with a private key was found. (in target 'SportingLifeFastResults')

However when debugging the issue, I sshed into the host and ran:

security find-identity -v -p codesigning

and the correct valid code signing identity was found.

     1 valid identities found


This is happening for us on on the Mac OS elite machines


Local reproduction

This issue does not happen locally. After installing the certificates via Fastlane Match an archive is possible

Build log


I’m having the same issue.

Fastlane Match summary says it successfully installed certificates & prov.profiles.

But “Xcode Archive & Export for iOS” step just complains that certificate cannot be found.

In my workflow:
I have … -> Fastlane Match -> Xcode Archive & Export for iOS -> …

I understand the easiest thing to do is to use Bitrise built-in Code Signing, and Fastlane’s sucessfuly installation doesn’t really mean much. We, the Bitrise user, need to make sure xcodebuild could find it. The question is how can we achieve that?

Hi @InfinityAdmin!

Sorry for our delay, in case the issue is persistent, can you please allow Support Access for us on this application?

@tony.liu Please feel free to do the same! Either would definitely help us telling what’s going wrong here :slight_smile:

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