New artifact sharing between Pipeline Stages

Bitrise Build Pipelines got a new, improved artifact sharing between Pipeline Stages solution.

The new solution improves how Environment Variables are restored during the file transfer:

The second improvement is about transferring directories:

Previously directories had to be compressed to a single file before deploying them as Build artifacts and

after pulling these archives, using the Artifact pull Step, they had to be extracted using an additional Step.

The new solution handles directories automatically:

  • you specify the directory to upload by its local file path using the Files to share between pipeline stages input of the Deploy to Step, and it will automatically archive it and save the information that it was a directory initially.

  • Pull Pipeline intermediate files Step automatically extracts these archives and sets the specified environment variable to the extracted directory path.

The migration guide from the previous file sharing solution (using the Artifact pull Step) is in the new Pull intermediate files step’s release notes.

Refer to the [Using artifacts from different Stages DevCenter article]

(Configuring a Bitrise Pipeline - Bitrise Docs) for more info.

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