How to access files from another stage?

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Hello there,
I am trying to play with pipelines and I would like to know if a stage can access of the files of another stage ?
Example: Stage 1: Clone projet, Stage 2: Install Dependencies

I saw that we can pull artifacts, is that where i need to search ?
Or maybe I don’t understand what pipelines really are ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @martinfrouin :wave:

Yes, Workflows in a subsequent stage can access the artifacts/files of a previous stage if they were deployed via the Deploy to Step.

Basically you’d need to use two steps:

  • The Deploy to Step for uploading the artifacts.
  • The Artifact Pull Step for downloading the artifact from the previous stage.

Here is a related article: Checking your Pipelines - Bitrise Docs

And here is an example recipe (here the test bundle generated in the first stage is shared with the subsequent Workflows): workflow-recipes/ at main · bitrise-io/workflow-recipes · GitHub

BTW here are some other recipes for Build Pipelines, they may help:



Thanks for your answer @BirmacherAkos.
So I can’t use the files of another workflow with pipelines unless i zip it and deploy it using Deploy to step ?

Yes, as each workflows are running on different machines.

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