Sharing Env variables between stages

Hey there

Simple question : How do I share a simple environment variable between two stages ?

Let’s assume I’m having a pipeline

  • Stage 1
    • Workflow 1
      • Script : envman add --key MY_VARIABLE --value “123456”
  • Stage 2
    • Workflow 2
      • Script : echo $MY_VARIABLE

I cant make my echo “echo” 123456

I noticed that I can easely share folders between stages, but I can’t manage to have simple variables sharing.
Please don’t tell me to write my variables in a text file, share it, and read it in workflow 2 :slight_smile:

That is the current work-around but the actual feature is on our roadmap and we’ll work on it soon.

Thanks for your fast reply.
I hope this feature will be implemented soon :slight_smile:

+1 to this feature. Is the roadmap publicly visible?

Implementing parallelisation using build-router-start, we were able to pass env vars from the current workflow to the started builds easily with environment_key_list. Pipelines has taken a step backwards in that regard. We want to migrate from Start Build step to Pipelines to simplify the YAML, yet Pipelines requires such a text file workaround (doing the opposite of our goal).

@joshuaongps We are now looking into possible solutions for this. I and my team would like to explore a few options and get your feedback. Would you be available for a chat next week?

Sure, I’m more than happy to give feedback. Please reach out, via the email associated with this account, to organise a suitable time.

Thank you! Sent you an email.