Pull Pipeline intermediate files v1.0.0

What’s Changed

This Step downloads Pipeline intermediate files to a local folder.
These intermediate files are build artifacts generated by Workflows in a Pipeline intended to be shared with subsequent Workflows.

Make sure to add this Step after you have uploaded the intermediate files.
You can upload the intermediate files using the Deploy to Bitrise.io Step’s Files to share between pipeline stages input.
The directories you specify will be archived and uploaded as a single file.

When uploading the Pipeline intermediate files, you must assign environment variable keys to them in the Files to share between pipeline stages input.
After downloading the files, the environment variable key will point to the file’s local path.

When downloading an artifact, that was a directory originally, they are extracted,
and the specified environment variable will point to the directory’s local path.

By default, all artifacts generated by any workflow of the pipeline are downloaded.
This can be limited by setting the Artifact source input.

Please note that this step is designed to be executed on the CI only.

Migration guide from the Artifact pull Step

  • Replace Artifact pull Step with the Pull Pipeline intermediate files Step
  • Make sure Deploy to Bitrise.io Step uses the latest major version
  • Specify files and directories to share using the Deploy to Bitrise.io Step’s Files to share between pipeline stages input.
    • You need to specify the paths of the files and directories and an environment variable key for each item.
      You might use the environment variable keys you configured earlier using the Output variable export map (export_map) Step Input of the Artifact pull step.
  • The new Pull Pipeline intermediate files step automatically extracts files that were directories initially so that additional steps for extracting artifacts can be removed from the workflows.

Full Changelog: Commits · bitrise-steplib/bitrise-step-pull-intermediate-files · GitHub

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