Ionic: rm/add platform failing

Bitrise Build Issue Report template

Description of the issue

Both rm and add platform steps are failing with errors


Where did the issue happen? / Ionic

Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?



  • Does a “Rebuild” help? (You can trigger a rebuild from the Build’s page, by clicking the “Rebuild” button in the top right corner of a finished build) : YES/NO
  • Does a rebuild without caches help? (You can remove the Cache:Pull and Cache:Push steps temporarily to not to use the cache, or you can delete all the caches on the Settings tab of the app. : YES/NO
  • Does the issue happen sporadically, or every time? : Everytime
  • Does upgrading the build Step to the latest version help? : NO, already latest version
  • When did the issue start?: Since beginning

Local reproduction

_No, on my Mac gives a worse error, seems like it expects ionic/cordova to be preinstalled:

Failed to get cordova version, error: exec: “cordova”: executable file not found in $PATH

Local reproduction: Linux / Android (docker based) stack builds

Can’t run it this way right now.

Build log

Hi @gvasquez!

Sorry to hear about this issue. Rest assured, we started looking into and will get back to you as soon as possible!

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