How to know if a build fails due to timeout

I set up the timeout as it is mention here:
And in the logs I got successfully ERRO[18:59:13] Step (Run local my-step) failed: timed out

I have an outgoing Webhook for all the events, and when the timeout happens Bitrise sends:
**Bitrise-Event-Type:** build/finished
and in the payload:
"build_status": 2
As you can see this just says that the build fails
and when I request the build on${appSlug}/builds/${buildSlug}
It does not give me the reason that the build fails due to timeout.

The next step is also a bash script which POST several parameters to my server, I don’t know if in this step I can set a parameter that the build fails due to timeout since I don’t know how to catch this reason on the previous step, another idea could be triggering a different event from Bitrise.
What do you think? Thanks in advance


Did you build fail due to a timeout, or was it just the step that failed due to the timeout?


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