How to Install Bitrise.cli as a CI server

Does BitRise CLI listen on a port?
Can it be used as a CI server?
Or do I need to wrap it with another web server?
Maybe wrap it with Jenkins jobs (ugh)?

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Hi @omri.spector,

Thanks for asking this here!

Unfortunately yes, the CLI right now is only a runner, it’s not an agent, does not listen to builds. You can of course hook it into any other tool, e.g. Jenkins, and run it the same way you would locally.

We also have plans to provide a “proper” agent in the future, so that you can run your builds anywhere automatically, using only the Bitrise tools, but we don’t have an ETA yet (planned for this year, but I can’t really share more at this time).

Hi @viktorbenei

Do you have any docs on how to hook bitrise CLI with Jenkins ?

No docs, but you don’t have to “hook” it into Jenkins, just run the bitrise run ... command from there (if you store the bitrise.yml in your repo).

Hi @viktorbenei

From there means run bitrise run… command from Jenkins ??

Exactly, from Jenkins / from a script in your Jenkins config.