Trigger a build on from terminal or anothe CI/CD such as Jenkins

We are looking into to triggering builds on from terminal or from Jenkins and have Jenkins monitor the build the output or see it in the terminal as it happens. I have not found any information about this in documentations for Bitrise. Can you please point me to one if there is such capability?

When you trigger an adhoc build request, the curl request is shown in the bottom part of the dialog. Or you can use the APIs:


I am new to this. Can you send me a screen shot as to which dialog and what part of it?

  • go to your application landing page
  • click on the “Start/Schedule a build” button
  • enter the details of what you want to build (branch, tag, hash); the flow to use; and any environment variables needed.

dont press the Start build button yet. Scroll to the bottom portion and you should see the curl command. it will be something like this

$ curl[app-id]/build/start.json --data ‘{“hook_info”:{“type”:“bitrise”,“build_trigger_token”:"[your-users-token]"},“build_params”:{“branch”:“master”},“triggered_by”:“curl”}’

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