Can I use bitrise-cli to set up a self hosted CI server?

Hello there,

we’ve been using bitrise for a while, but now we want to move our CI to an on-premise server.

I’m still trying to figure out if this is possible with bitrise-cli. I’ve downloaded the bitrise.yml we use on First, I had to add the git repo URL to the git-clone step (repository_url). When I try to run it, it doesn’t checkout a branch. I’m assuming there is a branch variable missing that gets set on

I’m wondering how the trigger_map works on bitrise-cli, considering it’s just a shell command to run workflows as far as I understand?

Many thanks

Hi @knurl_boohoo! Bitrise does not officially support on-premise configurations for now. The trigger map isn’t just made up of the CLI, it’s a mechanic where the CLI collaborating with the Website to start builds and pass down the correct attributes.

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