How to export images to Test Reports?

I’m running my XCTests using fastlane. For failed tests it generates some attachments (images). I’m uploading the test results using “Export test results to Test Reports” add-on, but the images do not end up there. I’ve read that “Test Reports” do support attachments, but I just don’t understand how to upload them there.

I’ve tried using xcparse add-on, which does extract images from my .xcresult file, but it only places them into Apps & Artifacts, but not in “Test Reports”, so you end up with result into places.

So what’s the trick to get the images to “Test Reports” from my test result?

Hi @PauliusLinearity!

The key would be to make sure the screenshots get copied into the same BITRISE_TEST_RESULT_DIR directory as the test-info.json file. If you believe it’s already there or can’t find a way to make it work, feel free to submit a ticket for us or just provide some links to builds we can take a look at in this thread.

I tried exporting the screenshots to BITRISE_TEST_RESULT_DIR but I couldn’t find them on the tests, which probably makes sense, as this part is totally unclear to me:
Is there a specific file-naming / folder-structure that I need to follow in order to get the images attached to the specific tests? Is there some documentation for that?

My current setup:

The screenshots are extracted by xcparse (into Apps&Artifacts). I just don’t see how it could get attached to the individual failures on the TestReport :confused:

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