Add support for adding log & other files for Test Reports add-on

Description of the feature request

I would like to request for an option to upload log & compressed files as well. According to the doc this should be possible now:

The Step then moves every artifact that is deemed a test result into the Step’s test result directory: test result files, test attachments, logs, screenshots, and so on.

Currently, only image files are uploaded to test reports add-on.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We have a workflow in which we run Android instrumentation tests on an emulator. Apart from JUnit test results we also get screenshots of failing tests, log files from ADB logcat and a compressed folder with JUnit HTML reports. It would be nice to access them from the test reports as stated on Exporting to Test Reports from any Step | Bitrise DevCenter

I’ve described the changes needed in the Deploy step:

Thanks for the #feature-request here as well @piotr.zawadzki! Please make sure to vote for it!

Hi @piotr.zawadzki, thanks for the #feature-request!

Just wanted to mention as a workaround that you can attach those additional artifacts to the build ( ). With that you’ll be able to access them from the Build’s page.

Hi @viktorbenei,
Thanks! That’s actually what we were doing before. I just find having them in the same place a bit easier and faster to use.

I found a different workaround as well. I simply add a non-forked Deploy to Bitrise step in addition to my custom version of it. It does deploy the artifacts twice but at least the artifacts are present on the test reports as well :slight_smile: