Exporting Screenshots(images) as part of test results

We are using flank to execute Android Instrumentation tests on Firebase test lab and we are capturing screenshots for failed tests. We are downloading the test coverage report(ec) files and creating the XML reports in the workflow - no issues here. And also able to download the saved screenshots from the google cloud buckets. However, I am unable to publish those along with the test results(custom-test-results-export step).

I tried copying the screenshots into the $BITRISE_TEST_RESULT_DIR and also into a different directory in the project workspace and in both cases, I am unable to find a way to publish the results to the “Test Results” tab.

  - custom-test-results-export@0:
      is_always_run: true
      is_skippable: true
        - base_path: $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR/uiToolkit/build/reports/firebase/
        - search_pattern: '*.xml'
        - test_name: Firebase Test Lab Tests

I saw on a different thread that as long as the files(they are pngs BTW) are saved in the $BITRISE_TEST_RESULT_DIR directory, they will be available on the test results tab.

What am I missing?



Ideally, we are able to export the screenshots in the same step, so they can appear in the “Test Artifacts” tab besides the “test cases”. Is that possible? Is there any documentation that I can refer to?

If thats not possible, what is the next best alternative?

Thanks a lot.

Another thread related to a similar question for iOS:

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