How to upload test artifacts


I was wondering how I can upload test artifacts to the test add-on?
I use the “Export test results” step to upload my junit files. And that works fine.
But my test tool also exports jpgs or movs and I want to upload them as well.
The “Export test results” step only supports 1 file.

I can’t find a way to upload them to the test add-on. Only to the general artifacts with the normal deploy step.

Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hello @seppe_r :smiley:

Can you please submit a ticket to Bitrise support, with a build or app URL attached?

Also, please enable support access. To enable support access, go to the “Settings” tab for the app. Scroll down to “Enable Bitrise Support User for this app” and toggle the switch located on the right to the on position.

Thank you!

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