Make repo that was cloned available to subsequent stages in a pipeline

    - stage-setup: {}
    - stage-test: {}
    - stage-version-all: {}
    - stage-publish-all: {}
    - stage-finish: {}

I have this pipeline which calls the git-clone step in the setup stage. I’ve found that I have to clone the repo in every stage in order to call things like bash ${BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR}/scripts/config-whatever. Unless I clone the repo at the start of every stage, I get file not found errors etc.
Is there a way to clone it once at the beginning and make it accessible to subsequent stages?

There is a way to do this, but you would have to zip it and deploy to Bitrise and then pull in the other workflows. Alternatively, you could use the Save and Restore Cache steps and see if that saves you some time on the pipeline workflows.

The reason for this is that when a pipeline is running, all its workflows are running on individual virtual machines and they do not have any common storage. We are exploring ways to address this, but have not come up with a suitable solution yet.