Google Paly Developer API to version 3


Step of upload aab | apk uses old API version.

Hi guys, I’m using CD feature for automatic upload android bundle to Google Play Store.
At the header of an interface, I still have a warning about old version of API.

The Upload step version is 2.0.1

I also found related ticket I get warning from google playstore using google play API in old version, please upgrade to version 3 where you promised to solve it.

Two weeks left. Could you clarify, please?




Hi @artemgarkusha!

The deprecation of the API was announced for December 1. That’s more than 3 weeks from now as I’m typing this.

The team is actively working on this task and has been for the past few weeks, so I am happy to clarify that the change will happen and you won’t experience any disruption due to this :slight_smile:

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