Getting a list of last outgoing webhooks sent

We would like to use more outgoing webooks for being notified of builds event.

An interesting feature for this would be keeping a log trace of sent events as Github provide in settings menu.

Thus we would keep an eye on these and with a “re-send” button, we would resend some events for testing or sending again information.

A use case for this : if you connect a server to the outgoing webhook and the server doesn’t trigger the correct behaviour, today we cannot send the same event twice or more.

Maybe I misunderstood something, but isn’t this what you can get via the Code tab → Outgoing Webhooks section → select one of the outgoing webhooks which has at least 1 item → RECENT DELIVERIES

There you can see what was sent, what the response was and can even click redeliver to send it again.

Oh my bad ! :sweat_smile:

I have never seen this information before while editing webhooks. I don’t why I don’t catch it before.

Any way, thanks a lot, obviously this FR can be closed :\

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No problem at all. I believe the “recent deliveries” item is only presented if there’s at least one item in the list, so that might be why you did not see it before - I presume you checked it right after adding the outgoing hook, which alone does not generate an event; the first event is registered when e.g. a new build starts after the outgoing hook’s registration :slight_smile:

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