Gclud argument --num-flaky-test-attempts not available

Description of the issue


Today I have added new argument to my gcloud command in order to run android UI tests on Firebase Test Lab which is: –num-flaky-test-attempts

When I run locally the gcloud command with this argument “–num-flaky-test-attempts=1” as part of the python script I’m able to run the tests.

When I run it on Bitrise I get the error:
ERROR: (gcloud.firebase.test.android.run) unrecognized arguments: --num-flaky-test-attempts=1

I’m using gcloud 280 version which you use as well bitrise.io/linux-docker-android.log at master · bitrise-io/bitrise.io · GitHub hence I don’t know why this argument is not available to me on Bitrise.

From the error you are returning I cannot see the argument available. Why is that?

Usage: gcloud firebase [REDACTED] android run [ARGSPEC] [optional flags]
  optional flags may be  --app | --app-initial-activity | --app-package |
                         --async | --auto-google-login | --device |
                         --device-ids | --directories-to-pull |
                         --environment-variables | --filter | --help | --limit |
                         --locales | --max-depth | --max-steps | --obb-files |
                         --orientations | --os-version-ids | --page-size |
                         --performance-metrics | --record-video |
                         --results-bucket | --results-dir |
                         --results-history-name | --robo-directives |
                         --sort-by | --[REDACTED] | --[REDACTED]-package |
                         --[REDACTED]-runner-class | --[REDACTED]-targets | --timeout |
                         --type | --use-orchestrator


Rebuild didn’t help.
Issue started once I added this flag

Local reproduction

It cannot be reproduced locally. Tests run fine.

Build log

This is part of the python script we run that has the argument added:

def run_tests():
for index, suite, device_id, device_version, annotation, locale in TEST_SUITES:
    apk_prefix = '-'.join([element.lower() for element in re.findall('[a-zA-Z][^A-Z]*', suite)])
    cmd = " ".join(["gcloud firebase test android run",
                    "--type instrumentation",
                    "--timeout {}".format(str(TEST_TIMEOUT_SECONDS)),
                    "--environment-variables {}".format(annotation),
                    "--app {}".format(BUILD_ARTIFACTS_PATH)
                    + "{0}/debug/onfidosdktestapp-{1}-universal-debug.apk".format(suite, apk_prefix),
                    "--test {}".format(BUILD_ARTIFACTS_PATH)
                    + "androidTest/{0}/debug/onfidosdktestapp-{1}-debug-androidTest.apk".format(suite, apk_prefix),
                    get_device_flags(device_id, device_version, locale)
    test_results[index] = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True)

I found out the problem.

I checked the gcloud version you are on and it’s 200. Newest version of the gcloud is 280.

What’s the reason not to upgrade it to the newest one?

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