Flutter Build v0.12.0

Input changes

  • Instead of having two input for Android output filtering: one for APK and one for AAB, we merged the android_bundle_output_pattern to the android_output_pattern input.

  • The android_output_pattern input now supports multiple patterns splitted by a new line.
    The step will filter the Android artifacts before export by the selected android_output_type.

  • New input: is_debug_mode: If debug mode is enabled, the step will print verbose logs.

Version with two inputs was never released from what I can see. It seems that adding AAB support should be listed in changelog instead.

Hi @koral,

Your AAB feature was released in the 0.10.0 version

It is in the release note on Github but in Discuss.
( I think I modified the release notes after the release process was started, this is why it’s missing on Discuss ).

I will update the Discuss one too.

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