Android Build v0.10.0

New inputs:
Build type: Select which build type should the step generate (APK or AAB)

App artifact (.apk, .aab) location pattern: Will find the APK or AAB files - depending on the build type input - with the given pattern.

Deprecation note:
APK location pattern input is deperecated and will be removed on 20 August 2019.
Use the App artifact (.apk, .aab) location pattern input instead.

No inputs were removed and all previously configured workflows will function as before.

Migration guide:
In case a non-default input value for APK location pattern was used in the workflow, the step will print a warning in the log. Copy the values of these inputs to App artifact (.apk, .aab) location pattern respectively and clear the values of the deprecated input.

If the default input value of the input was used, no action is necessary. The step will not print a warning in the log.

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