Flutter Build v0.10.0


Add --no-codesign flag to ios_additional_params input by default.

The actual codesigning will be done by the Xcode Archive step after the flutter-build, so codesigning is not necessary in this phase.

AAB support - Thanks koral– :1st_place_medal:

Now you can build Android App Bundle ( .aab ) with the step by selecting appbundle for the android_output_type input.

New inputs

  • android_output_type: The selected output type will be build, either APK or app bundle (AAB)
  • android_bundle_output_pattern: Pattern to find built AAB artifacts relative to $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR

New outputs:

  • BITRISE_AAB_PATH_LIST: List of the generated (and copied) AAB file paths - after filtering.
  • BITRISE_AAB_PATH: Path of the generated (and copied) AAB file - after filtering.

Flutter Build v0.12.0
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