Favorite app list on Bitrise dashboard

Description of the feature request

I have an app which I check regularly. It would be really nice to be able to open it only with one click.

Currently, I need to search for this app every time when I want to open it.
Instead of the search solution, It would be nice to have an option for adding a favorite app list to the dashboard.

With the favorite list, you would be able to add/remove an app to the list. ( Maybe even re-order it. )

Use case / for what or how I would use it

If you have an app which you checks regularly, then you could add this app to the list. It would be more convenient to open your app from your favorite list than search for it in the search-bar.

I’m not sure if this use case holds for general users as is. As far as I guess, most users will probably have a single dashboard and maybe a handful of apps. They can get an overview instantly and just select the app, no need to search.

Nevertheless, as tooling engineers and support engineers, we definitely could use something like this. However, the apps we frequently visit, change over time, sometimes quickly, thus, I imagine we would have to change our favourites constantly.

How about a twist, like “Recently apps”? Each time you visit a new app, it will be the first in the list, shifting the elements down. The list could be a few elements long, maybe three.

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