Can you guys add dropdown with the list of all the apps currently added

Description of the feature request

can you guys add dropdown with the list of all the apps currently added

Use case / for what or how I would use it

it would be better than searching through typing, or scrolling all the way to down to find an earlier app. When you have a lot of apps, you tend to forget the name of it. Drop down would really help.

Hi @ayan,

By dropdown you mean something like the Heroku app switcher?

@viktorbeneiI am not quite familiar with it, but bitrise has this screen where all the apps how up. So in order to find an app, i can search or i can drill down i try to find it. It would really good to have a drop down list of current apps as well. So, just select an app from that list.

I think I got it - do you mean the Dashboard ( )?

exactly! the dashboard. a dropdown list of the current apps would be really nice!

Hmm… but isn’t that exactly what you have there right now? Just not in a dropdown form, instead as a filterable list. What would be the difference? :thinking:

yeah but if i dont remember the name of the app? how i will filter it? with drop down i can just look it up, rather than loading, scrolling through my apps.

hmm… wouldn’t the same apply for the dropdown? I mean the dropdown will also include all the apps. Or what do you mean by “current apps”?

We just rolled out a redesign for the navigation bar and added a quicksearch dropdown/list feature there, similar to the mentioned Heroku solution.

Closing the #feature-request, thanks for the suggestion @ayan! :slight_smile:

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awesome! thanks a lot @viktorbenei :smiley:

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