Add more filtering/sorting and customizability options to Dashboard/Project list page

Right now the Dashboard is ordered by “recent activity”, and there’s only a text based filter option.

It would be great to have more filter options, e.g. by platform of the projects, or by tags assigned to project, as well as order options like “created by”.

Feel free to comment if you have any other filter / ordering idea!

Also by “state” (i.e. success, failed, aborted). Very handy if you have multiple pages of projects.

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State: would that be the latest build’s state in that project? Or rather the latest build on the “main” branch?

I was thinking whatever the Dashboard is already reporting there. Which I believe is the state of the latest build? It might be interesting to let the user decide.

It’s actually a bit more complex, something like: the state of the last build if there’s no running build, and the state of the running build if there’s a running build in that project.

Agreed, if we can figure out options which can be useful for most teams :wink:

Currently the Dashboard already shows the state (success or fail) and the platform (apple vs android). If I could just sort via either of those values as they’re presently being used… I’d be stoked.

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Also it would be great to have “starred” apps and display them on the top. Currently, we have in our company almost 20 active apps and as an account owner, I have all of them listed in the dashboard but only 2 or 3 of them have top priority for my work.

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Great idea, I’d love this too! :slight_smile:

We currently have 6 workflows, and it’d be nice if we could essentially pin the most recent build per workflow in our dashboard. As of now, we can search by branch, but given some of our workflows run less frequently than others, it requires us to go one-by-one trying to find the most recent workflow build we’re looking for.


Now that I am a member of the bitrise community org, my dashboard is overflowing with builds. It would be nice if this could be filtered by org and bookmarkable. Like the context switcher on Usually when I’m at work I just want to see the dashboard for my work organization’s builds. Thanks.

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Awesome idea @eliot_pear, thanks for the use case and for the example! :wink:

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@eliot_pear this is now available:

If you select an owner in the dropdown that changes the URL too, so you can bookmark/reload the page to get to that owner’s apps.

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are there any news on filtering by plattform / build status / …

would really love to see such advanced possibilities

which ones would you like to see @mgursch?

So one thing I would love to see is deeplinking into the App’s branch filter view. It would be great to be able to bookmark “just master builds for App A”, etc.

If the deeplink could be derived from the branch name so it could be computed on-the-fly, even better! (I have a script that makes a branch based on a ticket. It can print out a link to the new CircleCI build kicked off by the first remote push using this mechanism, but this is not currently possible for Bitrise.)

It would also be nice if it were possible to configure which triggers would result in a top-level red/green status as right now it just appears to be the most recent build. At the level of CI health I really only care about a handful of long-lived branches like master, some hotfix branch, etc. I am not sure if this is also reflected in the status badge for putting on the github README, etc. but it seems like that should behave the same.

@eliot_pear great idea! Could you please create a new #feature-request? This one is for the Dashboard, but if I’m right you’d want that on the builds list page.

Sounds like a good idea too, feel free to create another #feature-request for it!

The status badge can be configured both ways, it can show the latest build from any branch or from a specific branch:

If no branch is specified it’ll show the latest build from any branch, but if you specify a branch then it’ll only show the latest from that branch.

Haven’t been logging in to this forum much but I just saw this reply so here are those feature requests:

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If there will be more filtering options, I guess it would make sense to be able to save them, so you can easily switch between them. For example:
Failing master builds, running feature branch builds, etc…